Our Property Investment Process at Midland Property Investment

At Midland Property Investments, we have simplified the process involved in investing in our buy to let properties. Here is the outline of 7 steps involved in our property investments.

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Property Investment Plan

At Midland Property Investments, we have consultants that are highly experienced in strategizing the best deals that can make your investment goals to be achievable. Our experts will join hands with you to have the understanding of your situation in order to make recommendations on properties suitable for your financial objectives.


In case you do not have any preferred mortgage broker, you have the choice of speaking to one of our brokers who will make recommendation on mortgage product that is suitable for you based on the assessment done on your needs. We have advisors that have full knowledge of the whole investment property market and they usually know about property deals that you may not have access to on your own.


Through inspection and provision of proper diligence, our property investment consultants will help you make the right choice on the property that fits your investments requirements. Their service also covers assisting you throughout the purchase process to the moment the deal is finally completed.


Once you have identified the property that suits you need, issuance of all important paperwork is done by our consultant so that the property will be reserved in your name while other processes are still going on. Some developers may demand for the payment of a small reservation fee to show you commitment to buying the property. Notably, this reservation deposit is not an additional fee; it is part of the total purchase price.


Here, you are going to determine the level of our involvement. Most of our clients prefer to make use of the pre-negotiated, discounted rates will offer. As a result of using our discounted rate, we will give instructions to our solicitor on your behalf, oversee the progress of the mortgage application and also ensure availability of tenants in order to make sure that your property investment is completely done.


With all these processes done, the property now belongs to you. In case there are issues about the property in the future, we are available to assist you.