Our services at Midland Property Investment

At Midland Property Investments, our expertise lies in acquiring bulk property deals and offering them to our investors – both large and small investors. We offer all investments opportunities at highly discounted prices in order to satisfy our clients. In addition to this service, we all also offer some specially packaged services as part of our mega deals.

We offer our investors the chance to get involved in selecting, purchasing and managing their properties as much as they want. Some of investors prefer to get involved in some of the processes of selecting, purchasing and managing their properties

For those that prefer handling every aspect of the deal to our experts, we will be involved in hiring mortgage broker and solicitors, furnishing, letting it out as well as managing it afterward. To these set of people, we offer them heavily discounted charges on all packages.

Whether our investors hand the property completely over to us or get involved in some of the processes, what we value most is our ability to offer pre-negotiated and massively discounted properties to our investors so that they can get high yields on their investments.

When you work with us at MPI, you have access to the following services.

Exclusive deals on properties

Since we are a team of experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking and reliable property investors, we are experts in offering unrivalled bulk deal negotiations. Due to these negotiations, any properties bought through us are discounted with high returns and low risk

From selecting properties to completing them, we work with our clients in getting the best ones that suit their needs and criteria. Our goal is to ensure that their financial objectives are achieved after acquisition of the properties.

Persistent industriousness

While negotiating each bulk property investments deal, we are persistently diligent in following the due processes that will ensure success.

In our effort to have full knowledge of the value of local property, demand for rents, quality of construction of the property, rental prices, sales price, available basic amenities, transportation network and other investments in the neighbourhood, our process of assessment of the property can take several weeks to be completed sometimes.

Our investors, who have invested heavily in our bulk deals in the past years, are witnesses of our persistent and diligent assessment process. Our efforts have always been paying off as our investors have always invested more in our secure properties that have been giving them both short and long term high returns.

Mortgage purchase offer

With the help of our mortgage purchase offers, our investors have benefited immensely from the opportunity to spread their capital on a wide range of properties which will in turn lead to high yields on the property they have invested in.

Depending on your desire and criteria, you have access to hiring ‘all of market’ mortgage brokers recommended by our experts. Our recommended mortgage brokers will offer you consultation session to understand your needs and they will give you information on the best buy to let mortgages available.

In order to help you achieve your investments objectives, the mortgage broker will find you mortgages that suit your criteria but are not commonly available in the general buy to let property market.

Experienced Solicitors

For successful acquisition of bulk property, there is need for hiring highly experienced solicitors who can effectively handle multiple transactions simultaneously. With the help of our solicitor, we can easily negotiate fees that are massively discounted for our investors and also take care of delays and charges that are usually required on transactions involving property investments.

Letting and management of property

Investing in buy to let property is not successful until the property is let out and properly managed. Our investors must hire the service of an experienced and trusted letting agent who will find tenants as quickly and as much as possible. It is also the duty of the letting agent to manage the property and take care of any issues that may affect the property; this will ensure that our investors are not involved at all in the management of the property. Collection of rent from tenants and its delivery to our investors are also parts of the duties of the letting agent.

Some of our investors can also start getting high returns from the investments from day one when they buy some of our pre-tenanted properties. We are also capable of recommending reliable agents who can help in the management of properties at discounted fees. We know and work with companies that are known for renting out properties at good prices to make sure that your properties yield high returns.

Furniture Provision

At Midland Property Investments, our investors have the opportunity of letting out their buy to let properties quickly when the property is furnished and this will help in making tax saving and getting high yields from the property investments as quickly as possible.

Resultantly, we have built strong relationships with some reliable and experienced furniture providers that will provide high quality furniture sets for our investors. Since we usually offer bulk property furnishing deals to the furniture providers, our investors will benefit from massively discounted fees.

In some cases, our properties already have tenants with furnished apartment, hence, the price of furniture will added to the purchase price which, in the long run, is also a good deal for our investors.

Property Investments Portfolio Builder

The goal of some investors is building a safe and secure portfolio of properties that involves low risk and high return in both short and long term basis.

By giving consideration to the sum of capital you want to invest as well as choosing awesome properties that suit the portfolio you are building, our experienced experts can provide you a strategy that will show whether your targets have been achieved or not when monitored properly.

Customized services

To us at Midland Property Investments, each investor is unique. There are some of our investors that have experiences in purchasing buy to let properties; hence, they usually like us to give them information about upcoming deals involving property investments for them to invest in them. We also have investors that need personalized and more detailed services because they have never invested in buy to let property.

We are proud of our experience as property investments experts and we are certain of our ability to offer customized services that fit the criteria of our investors in order to help them achieve their targets for investing in buy to let properties.

Investors with substantial net worth

If you want to invest about £500,000 or more, we recommend that you visit our office to hold discussions with one of Directors so as to consider opportunities in property investments that fit your investments criteria.