Our Unrivalled Offers on Repossessed or Distressed Properties

A property can be classified as repossessed or distressed for many reasons. The most common cause of classifying a property as repossessed or distressed is the inability of the owner to carry out proper maintenance as a result of failure in payment obligations which will in turn make the lender, which in most cases is the bank, to take over the property.

In order to encourage quick sale, these kinds of properties are usually sold off at massively reduced prices. At MPI, properties that developers and banks want to sell secretly and quickly are always within our reach.

There are attractive opportunities in investing in distressed or repossessed properties whether your goal is to buy and sell it off quickly with high return or you prefer to purchase buy to let properties.

With the aid of our negotiating skill at Midland Property Investment, you are going to purchase properties with massively discounted prices. Instead of waiting for years for your capital to increase, discounted distressed or repossessed properties afford you the opportunity to make instant equity when you buy them. With the chances of instant equity and opportunities of getting high yields on repossessed or distressed properties, they are mostly suitable when you want to have a strong portfolio of properties that you can take a long time to build.

When compared to the actual market price, our distressed or repossessed properties are massively discounted and they provide lots of opportunities to invest in properties with substantial income from time to time. At times, the properties have tenants and a fitting furniture pack which increase their value.

Since we are connected with financial houses, banks, receivers, lenders, auction houses and solicitors, we are rightly positioned to provide discounted and attractive deals that are available to our esteemed investors.